Offering Healthy solutions from our family to yours

– Sustainably caring for the land, animals and people –

Offering Healthy solutions from our family to yours

– Sustainably caring for the land, animals and people –


100% Grass Fed Grass Finished Beef, Pasture Raised Pork, Goat, Lamb, Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Free Range Chicken & Duck Eggs, and Locally Grown Products

Why is your support so important during the winter months?

The source of income for the farm is the Summer Farmers Markets, with the markets ending, the cashflow windless dramatically but we still have to keep feeding the animals, buy subscribing to our winter CSA or placing an order on our online store you will be feeding your family with healthy sustainable protein and feeding our animals.

 We deliver every Wednesday to Chicago Land, order no later than Monday at 10:00 a.m. for same week delivery.


100% hormone free
Antibiotic & Steroid free
Grass Fed
No Pesticides
Beef is 100% grass fed Grass finished
Pasture Raised Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Duck
Chickens are Free Range, Pasture Raised

Our “happy chicken” eggs come in all sizes and colors

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Check out this video to see what life is like on our farm, up close and personal.

Our Commitment To Quality

A Step Above The Rest

If we wouldn’t feed it to our family, we won’t feed it to you.

At Finn’s Ranch, our animals are free to roam our AGW certified pastures.

It all started as a dream in South Chicago. In 2013, the Finns’ packed up their belongings and moved to a farm house in Buchanan, Michigan. What started off as a few cows for the family turned into a full fledged business, as friends and family clamored for their high quality meat and eggs. In 2015, Sean retired from his day job in the floral industry to become a full time farmer, and his wife, Alejandra, followed suit years later. Their sons, Nicholas and Matthew, play an integral role in maintaining the farm and animals day to day.

Bottom line:

Our farm is a labor of love and we do not cut corners in order to bring you the best local meat the mid-west has to offer

Our Certifications


Farm Contact Info*

Address: 13559 Coveney Rd.
Buchanan, MI 49107

Phone: (773) 616-0251


Business Hours: 8am – 6pm

*Please be mindful that we are not always in front of our computers, we are on the farm. We will happily respond as soon as we are able. We thank you for your patience and support!*